Sean Liquorish Photography

Here at Sean Liquorish Photogaphy we take pride in capturing that perfect look for your family portraits or latest promotional photos for your band.  Want lasting memories from a personal event or marketing materials from your event, we can provide high quality images for both print and digital use.  In fact through trusted printing partners we can provide an end to end service with products ranging from key rings to photo prints to canvas to large scale banners.   We can ensure you get the best value for money by working with you to ensure that agreements are fair to all parties.

For those person, family, or promotional photos we can visit your home, a venue of your choice or organise a studio space.  We want to give you great photos, so we take time to understand what you want from the shoot, we appreciate that a little extra time with the children could give you that image which will grace your wall for years.  Whether you want live or staged promotional photos for your band or group we can work flexibly at a venue of your choice, we love to give bands photos that they are proud to use for publicity, in print, on your website and in social media.

From all day events to theatrical or musical shows, we can provide you with the images you need for marketing, internal use or simply giving parents that souvenir of the evening. We will give work with your people to ensure we capture the images you want.  Our photo packages can be digital, print based or a combination with fair prices charge for commercial usage.  Our prompt turnaround ensures your images get delivered to schedule with careful post processing to bring out the best in your images, all part of the standard services from us.

If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch at